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Asalamualaikum and welcome to my website!

I am so happy to have a business that helps Muslim children understand their amazing deen! When I started The Muslim Sticker Company 8 years ago I wanted to create colourful stickers that would get kids excited when they were learning about Islam and help parents make teaching Islam fun.

I decided to start making stickers for muslim children when my eldest son started madrassah and I began homeschooling my daughter, I was eager to find out how the Prophet (saw) raised his children and how he taught them about Islam. Every hadith I read described how loving, considerate and kind the prophet (saw) was towards his own children and he (saw) instructed Muslim parents and teachers to be patient and compassionate when teaching children.

Unfortunately, I found there was an anomaly between the sunnah of the prophet (saw) and the reality of how some Muslim teachers taught Islam to their students. I could be accused of generalising here however; many sisters would agree that they do not have fond memories of the heavy-handed discipline meted out in quran classes and madrassahs. Hence, I wanted to help Muslim parents and teachers educate and discipline their children in a positive way, rather than focusing on the negatives.

I had worked in a state school and was impressed by the positive behaviour strategies that teachers used i.e. reward stickers and badges, class reward charts, praise certificates.  Commonly, the students were motivated to work and responded to positive feedback rather than being told off and reprimanded. At home I was making my own Islamic behaviour chart and certificates, initially I looked for Islamic stickers that I could use but was unable to find any. Later, when I worked in an Islamic school I found that teachers faced the same problem and spent a ludicrous amount of time producing their own material. So, I was using stickers at home and school but I wanted stickers with an Islamic focus, I suddenly realized that what I should do then was follow my instincts and design some myself. I used these products every day. I understood them. So, therefore I was in the position of the consumer, and didn’t need to do tons of research; I was the target audience!

Alhumdulilah,I have been blessed with 3 very opinionated kids! And a posse of nieces and nephews, I always ask their opinion, my daughter has the final say on our girls stickers, my sons chose the cars for the boys stickers, I do my market research on my nieces and nephews and their parents, they don’t hold back when it comes to giving me constructive criticism! Currently, I am working in a state school so if I find a resource that works well at school I make an Islamic version of it, that’s how I got the idea for our pre-inked stamps and new marking stickers for teachers.

I genuinly enjoy speaking to parents and teachers, especially when they tell me how our products have helped them motivate their children islamically! I would love to hear from you,Inshallah please email me with your feedback or any suggestions you may have. Inshallah I hope you enjoy browsing through my website.

Farhat Amin


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