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  • Eid decorations : Inshallah I hope everyone had a really lovely eid. Here are some pics of the eid decorations  and eid balloons me and the kids put up around the house, the pink paper banner was made by my daughter. We are selling eid banners and eid mubarak bunting this year as well!

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  • slm,
    Inshallah I hope your eid preparations are going well, I know alot of people have been buying our eid sticker packs , I have had emails that they are being used to make eid cards, decorate presents and eid biscuit boxes, inshallah i would love to see some pics of all the great ways our stickers are being used, pls either post your pics on this page or email me at [email protected].

  • I was doing some research for a radio show this week and I thought it would  be nice to share some of the hadith I found, inshallah i will be explaining some of these hadith and ayah to my kids  in the weekly family circle. I want them to understand that it is our responsibility to teach them and guide them as parents and we will be accountable if we don’t.


    Narrated by Abu Hurairah & collected in Saheeh al-Bukhari (english trans.) vol.1, p.356, no.629 & Saheeh Muslim (english trans.) vol.2, p.493, no.2248

    There are seven whom Allaah will shade in His Shade on the Day when there is no shade except His Shade:

    1.a just ruler;

    2.a youth who grew up in the worship of Allaah,

    3.the Mighty and Majestic; a man whose heart is attached to the mosques;

    4.two men who love each other for Allaah’s sake, meeting for that and parting upon that;

    5.a man who is called by a woman of beauty and position to commit a haram action, but be says: ‘I fear Allaah’,

    6.a man who gives in charity and hides it, such that his left hand does not know what his right hand gives in charity;

    7.and a man who remembered Allaah in private and so his eyes shed tears.’


    “O you who believe! Ward off yourselves and your families against a Fire (Hell) whose fuel is men and stones, over which are (appointed) angels stern (and) severe, who disobey not, (from executing) the Commands they receive from Allaah, but do that which they are commanded”

    [al-Tahreem 66:6]

    Ibn ‘Umar that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Each of you is a shepherd and each of you is responsible for his flock. The ruler is a shepherd and is responsible for his flock; the man is the shepherd of his family members and is responsible for them; the woman is the shepherd of her husband’s house and children and is responsible for them; the slave is the shepherd of his master’s wealth and is responsible for it. Each of you is a shepherd and each of you is responsible for his flock.”

    Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 853; Muslim, 1829.

    It was narrated that Ma’qal ibn Yassaar said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “There is no person whom Allaah appoints in charge of some flock and he is not sincere towards them, but he will not smell the fragrance of Paradise.”

    Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 6731; Muslim, 142.

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  • My daughter made these cards today using our eid stickers inshallah I hope they inspire your kids to make their own home made cards

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  • May 22nd, 2011fariFun Activities, Parenting

    I have recently begun having a weekly circle with my kids. As the kids are getting older I  find that the week goes by so fast and we don’t get to talk about islam in any real depth because everyone is either busy with housework, homework or quran classes. So both me and my husband decided that we HAVE to set a time and day and discuss different areas of islam every week, come rain or shine. We talked about the following  hadith

    Ibn Umar reported, The Messenger of Allah (saws) said:

    ‘A Muslim is the brother of a Muslim; he does him no injustice, nor does he leave him alone (to be the victim of another’s injustice); and whoever does the needful for his brother, Allah does the needful for him, and whoever removes the distress of a Muslim, Allah removes from him a distress out of the distresses of the day of resurrection; and whoever covers (the fault of) a Muslim, Allah will cover his sins on the day of resurrection.”

    Alhumdulilah it was very productive,the kids were very happy to discuss examples and even did some role play. Inshallah why not hold a weekly circle with your kids you could invite their friends or cousins. Choose a book of hadith and go through areas that you feel your kids need to know about. Inshallah if we do this regularly we can help them build strong islamic characters.

  • June 28th, 2009fariFun Activities, Ramadhan Resources

    Ramadhan quiz

    When do muslims begin fasting?


    Why do Muslims fast?


    How many days are there in Ramadhan? ___________________________________

    What part of the day do Muslims fast for? __________________________________

    What is the Arabic word for fast? _________________________________________

    What is suhoor? ______________________________________________________

    What should you break your fast with? _____________________________________________________

    What is the reward of a good deed in Ramadhan? _____________________________________________________

    What is the Arabic name for the Night of Power? ____________________________

    Give two reasons why the Night of Power is special?


    Name 4 things which you should do in Ramadhan to gain Allah’s pleasure?


  • Ramadhan Activities

    To help the children understand and gain as much reward as possible during ramadhan here is a list of projects that parents or teachers can do in their Islamic studies and art lessons.

    1. “Why I love Ramadhan”.

    Write a short piece on “Why I love Ramadhan”. The work sheet is on the blog.

    2. Ramadhan book

    Each child will have a book that they can put their work in during the weeks. You will need to have this prepared before hand.

    3. Ramadhan Display

    Every class/child can produce a colourful display for their bedroom/classroom. The display should include written work and pictures produced by the children.

    4. Art lessons

    Art lessons/time are to be used for Ramadhan art projects.

    5.   Ramadhan Class/family Presentation

    Prepare Ramadhan presentations to be shown at assembly time/tea time. You can choose  age appropriate topics .

    6. Preparation for Eid

    Kids should make cards and a gift for their parents. Set a date for eid party make invitations, list of games,decorations and a menu. Kids can help prepare the food, keep it as healthy as possible.

  • June 28th, 2009fariFun Activities, Ramadhan Resources

    I love ramadhan

    Worsheet for kids to write their thoughts on why they love ramadhan. Can be used at the beginning of ramadhan to get kids to reflect on the meaning of ramadhan.