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  • Help your child to reflect on their personality

    March 25th, 2012fariFree Learning Resources

    This is a quick personality quiz that you can get your child to do. The purpose of it is to get your child to reflect on their personality and behaviour. Encourage them to be honest and not just give the answer they think you want them to give. Go through the answers with your child and raise points that would help your child to improve their behaviour or explain why they chose that answer, also discuss the hadith together. You can extend this activity by creating your own quiz, focussing on areas your child needs to improve on, use other hadith which will help your child understand how they should behave. It is so important to discuss good and bad behaviour with your child but do not get angry with your child and even give examples from your own childhood where you did something wrong but now as an adult you regret it because you know thats not how a good muslim should act.

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